Stretches for Skiers

As a veteran and avid ski fanatic, Patrick Imbardelli cannot emphasize enough the importance of using a regular series of stretches that helps the skier avoid injuries and remain in shape for the times when one can hit the slopes for an afternoon of skiing pleasure. While each person should ultimately tailor their own stretching regime that best suits their condition and limitations, as well as body type (some people are naturally more flexible than other people), there are basic stretches that are easy to do and perform a good foundation to building up to the ultimate exercise program that you find works best for you.

The first exercise is as easy as laying on your back on the floor, with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor and arms outspread. From this starting position, simply bend your knees to one side and allow your lower back and hips to naturally rotate in the same direction. As you will discover, this takes very little effort but it helps build flexibility in your hips and lower back. It is suggested that you take at least 30 slow and relaxing breaths while in this position. Of course, repeat on the other side.

Next, kneel on one leg and bend your other knee forward to a right angle. At first, you may find that it is a little tricky to balance yourself; if that is the case, have a chair nearby that you can grab in order to steady yourself. Then gently push your hips forward until you feel a stretch on your quad muscles. Again, try to hold this for 30 breaths and do it on both legs.

Finally, you can give your Achilles heel a good stretch by stepping on a low step or other object such as a thick book with the ball of your foot and bending your knee and leaning forward. Once more, take 30 breaths and then switch sides.

These tips are merely starters to show how easy it is to get into shape. Take the advice of Patrick Imbardelli and make sure you are fit and that your body is properly stretched before you tackle any ski slopes.