Skiing the Alps

Patrick Imbardelli has had the good fortune of being able to ski in some of the most famous places in the world. While the Swiss and French Alps are well-known as one of the most famous mountain ranges in the world, for Patrick Imbardelli, the Alps still remain to be one of his favorite ski destinations.

For hundreds of years, the Alps have hosted many skiers, starting in the early years of skiing, when it was simply the best way to get from one point to another in snowy terrains. However, in the past century, skiing as a pastime, hobby, or sport has changed the world of skiing, much of it for the better. Nowadays, you will see entire families enjoying the day together tackling various slopes, based upon their own skiing proficiency. For both the new and experienced skier, there is something pure and uplifting in racing down beautiful snow-covered mountain slopes.

In addition to getting an up close and personal view of the beauty and power of nature, skiing is an excellent way of staying in shape. While a casual observer may believe that skiing is as simple as riding a lift up the mountain and then checking the straps on your skis before racing back down the mountain, there is much more in the way of physical challenges and fitness that accompanies the discipline of skiing.

For those who do not feel as if they are in the proper shape to take on such a demanding activity of skiing, they should not feel either discouraged about or excluded from skiing. First off, getting into shape is not that difficult and it is a great reason to start improving one’s health and stamina. Secondly, there are many levels of ski slopes to offer the thrill and excitement of skiing without being obligated to take on the highest mountain peak available. Starting on small slopes really allows the novice skier to get into the groove of skiing without unduly risking life and limb.

Take it from Patrick Imbardelli: whether you are young or old, have never skied before or grew up with skis seemingly strapped to your feet during each snowy season, skiing is an activity that brings families and friends together while also providing the perfect reason for enjoying the outdoors throughout the entire winter season. So this coming ski season, think about Alps as an ideal ski destination.