Ski Safety Tips

No one loves skiing on the slopes any more than Patrick Imbardelli. As an experienced skier, he knows that the smart skier is the one that knows and follows the basic ski safety tips that will better ensure that you can be a lifetime skier without any unfortunate incidents, instead of becoming another ski accident statistic.

As a longtime ski enthusiast, Patrick Imbardelli says that his first tip is a no-brainer: you need to be in shape before taking up skiing. Too many people think that skiing is a great way to get fit, but the truth is that if you are not in good physical condition, you would be well advised to first start a serious and regular exercise schedule that will prepare you for the physical challenge you will get from skiing. Doing otherwise could easily end up with you being seriously injured in a skiing accident.

The next recommendation is equally important: be sure to use good and reliable equipment. Improperly strapped or fitting skis or snowboards are a sure invitation for a disaster to occur that could have been avoided by the employment of the proper ski equipment.

Let us also not forget that you will be out in the snow for extended periods of time, so if you are not wearing waterproof and wind-resistant jackets, pants, and/or overalls, along with proper snow boots, you are not only going to have a miserably cold outing, but you are also increasing the odds of getting sick from overexposure to bitter weather conditions.

Also, do not forget using sunscreens. It may be winter and cold out there, but that sun shining off the snow on the ground can actually give you a sunburn! Also, the reflection of the sun on the snowy slopes adds to the brightness of the day, which is why you should always wear sunglasses as well.

These simple and easy tips can make the difference between having a great time skiing or never wanting to see or go near a snowy mound ever again. Since Patrick Imbardelli has enjoyed skiing all of his life, he would prefer that you get off to the right start so that you too can learn and gain from the many pleasures of skiing.