Seeing New Zealand from the Mountain Tops

As an avid traveler and even more enthusiastic skier, Patrick Imbardelli has had the honor and pleasure of visiting many countries and to have skied down a lot of beautiful and famous mountain tops. While it is nearly impossible to name the most perfect mountain for skiing in the world, Patrick Imbardelli can readily recommend New Zealand as a country that offers an excellent and tempting variety of different mountain slopes spanning both the southern and northern islands of the nation.

With close to 20 different ski resorts from which to choose, any lover of snow skiing will quickly and permanently fall in love with the beautiful New Zealand landscapes and dramatic mountain ranges. For ski lovers who live in the Northern Hemisphere, getting into a New Zealand ski adventure is the perfect way to chill out during the summer season (any time from mid-June to early October should offer outstanding ski weather). Even better is the fact that New Zealand is one of the more affordable nations to visit; Americans and Europeans alike are always pleased to see how far their dollars, euros, and pounds go throughout all of New Zealand.

Something else that adds to the uniqueness of skiing in New Zealand is that there are very few and sometimes no trees that can be impediments to unleashed skiing, but the downside is that, in bad weather, there is no decent shelter to protect oneself from the elements. Generally, most skiers are more than willing to brave some rough snow storms in exchange for some fast and furious ski adventures and runs.

The southern island of New Zealand offers 4 towns that host or are near to 19 ski resorts: Queenstown, Wanaka, Methven, and Lake Tekapo. Add a couple more resorts on the northern island, and since each area has something special to offer, it is easy to see how New Zealand can become a regular return destination for the ski enthusiast.