Jackson Hole Mountain Resort: Or Should We Say Holy?

For Patrick Imbardelli, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming is one of the most underrated and beautiful locations for both visiting as well as skiing. While it is growing in popularity, it still doesn’t attract huge crowds that make skiing more of a waiting game than an afternoon activity.

Because Jackson Hole also serves as a key entry point into both Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, it is typically busier in the summer and thus becomes a skier’s paradise in winter, with fewer crowds and lower hotel rates. In addition to the better deals that you can get by being an offseason visitor, you also get to take in the majesty of the natural surroundings, with can offer breathtaking memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

More families are now targeting Jackson Hole Mountain Resort as a perfect winter getaway that keeps everyone together while hitting the slopes during the day and enjoying the amenities and restaurants of the town during the evenings. Just because this is a quieter town, it does not mean that they do not know how to let go and have fun. If you love live music, there is always some place in town that can offer it to you. There are always spots open for live dancing to go along with the live music and that can run into the early morning hours, so if you are a night owl, you will be floating on cloud 9.

Perhaps the most awesome, not-to-miss experience in all of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is their Aerial Tram that seems to fly up to the mountaintops while offering the passenger an incredible view of what makes this skiing location one of the most unforgettable events a skier will ever see. Also known as Big Red and The Red Heli, this tram will offer you a 9-minute ride to the summit with a maximum vertical height of 4,139 feet. The tram will hold 100 passengers and it is rare to not see it filled to the brim each turn.

If you are looking for a different ski resort that operates at its own pace while offering some of the most beautiful ski scenery one could ask for, then Jackson Hole Mountain Resort should be your next destination.