Skiing with Patrick Imbardelli

While Patrick Imbardelli is a respected and experienced executive that has served the hospitality industry for more than 30 years, he is also an avid skier. Perhaps this comes from the fact that over his many years of working with such well-known hotels chains as Hilton International and the InterContinental Hotels Group, he has been able to travel much of the world as part of his job. This has led him to experience some of the most famous and unrivaled ski destinations across the globe.

Patrick Imbardelli invites you to share in and benefit from his extensive knowledge and long experience with skiing, which includes providing general skiing tips and information as well as suggestions for different locales that offer up unique and memorable skiing experiences for both newcomers to this popular activity as well as seasoned veterans who find every opportunity to hit the slopes under any possible conditions.

You will also have the opportunity to learn about the history of skiing as well as the future of this popular pastime. As our species has become more proficient in inventing and improving ways of transporting ourselves up and down snowy mountain terrains, as well as across snow-covered meadows and fields, new possibilities and experiences are constantly opening up to a growing number of skiing enthusiasts.

In essence, anything related to skiing holds Patrick Imbardelli’s interest and in turn it is hoped that it will catch your attention as well and provide you with a fuller and deeper appreciation and understanding of why skiing has remained such a popular sport and activity for people of all ages over the years.

Be sure to bookmark this page and to return regularly to stay up to date on the latest information and recommendations that Patrick Imbardelli will have on offer. As a long time fellow ski enthusiast and world traveler for most of his life, he looks forward to providing you with his own unique perspective and insights into the world of skiing.